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A quick note: Ham Jam was scheduled for June 21st. Linde’s landlord and the Boston police decided to be huge jerks and shut down the get-together before it even happened. Apparently they don’t understand the importance of friends, family, music, and community. We are so sorry, but we will try again in the future. Ham Jam is not dead!

Next on our calendar:

June 26th – Linde and Tim will be at The North Star downtown to support the MS Ride bike team Bacon Bots for this year’s fundraiser. Come support a great cause and the fact that Linde is riding this year! Facebook event details here here.
June 27th – Live Music Coffee House at the Townsend Public Library. 7PM. More details here.
August 7th – At the Fruitlands Museum for an awesome outside summer evening show. 5:30 show.